It all started back in 2019, a couple of swimming lessons and a handful of interviews later and there I was, getting offered my first potential job as a Personal Assistant. Having set up from scratch and ran a successful business for a couple of years already, it was only then - approached by one of my loyal clients enquiring about my possible interest in working for them as a Personal Assistant - that I truly started to consider such a job.


Working on my own business had taught me a great number of valuable lessons and useful tactics about running a website, communicating with clients, staying well organised, along with all the subtleties in between which contribute towards an efficient work routine. This unexpected opportunity had now occupied my mind with a single question: why not apply my experience and skills to help others achieve this same level of efficiency in their own personal or professional lives?


Having graduated from high school with degrees in both Maths and Information Technology (IT), I went on to take a number of Microsoft courses and got familiar with the connectivity of technology at CISCO. A number of photography and videography projects later and I soon found myself jotting down the first draft plans for starting up my own business. These years of continued learning did not only allow me to acquire first-hand experience, they also developed my appreciation for the resources offered by technology. Be it setting up a website, sending emails or editing videos – so much more can be done right from the comfort of one’s own desk.


Indeed, this was the one missing step which held me back from taking the leap and working as a Personal Assistant. By becoming a Virtual Assistant, there lay the opportunity for me to apply my skills and share my expertise with as many who needed it, wherever they were and whenever it was required. Hence, it all went back to the interconnectivity of the web; first grasping my interest during my studies, then becoming the platform which allowed my business to thrive. This was now my opportunity to make the most of my working hours on an adaptable schedule which would not require me to sacrifice any of the efforts I had invested in my current business.


Living near a busy city like London, one gets easily embarked on this wave of constant change, trying to keep afloat with modern progress. The work of virtual assistants is drawn out from those similar qualities, nurturing a dynamic exchange which redefines the way we work by prioritising flexibility for both the client and the VA.


Becoming a Virtual Assistant therefore boiled down to targeting areas of the market which aligned with my years of experience and knowledge in such domains as web development and graphic design, as well as all the various aspects of business management and marketing. It is with a strong dedication that I managed to successfully work through all the A to Z’s of the services I offer, and it is now with equal commitment that I hope to help clients start ticking off their own tasks from their to-do lists.