4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Start-ups

Is your start-up struggling to reach out and connect with new clients? It might be time for you to ditch the cardboard billboards and find out how digital marketing can help your company make its mark on the market.

More start-ups are launching now than ever before, but with every new brand that pops up to the right, there is another one which drops off to the left. If you do not want your start-up to crash before it has even had the chance to lift off the ground, then a strong digital marketing strategy is the way to go.

In a society where a Twitter hashtag can start trending from one day to the next whilst leaflets stay stuck in boxes for weeks on end, the digital space has much to offer. The right digital marketing strategy can quickly help you connect with millions of potential customers around the world and help your brand build the international reputation it deserves.

With saturated markets pushing out even century-old brands, crumbling despite their longstanding repute under the increasing pressures of competition, there is always a hunger for innovation and novelty. After weeks of hard work, you finally have your product - all that is missing is for people to know about it and want to buy it.

What is Digital Marketing?

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually encompass?

In principle, it refers to any form of marketing carried out online over the internet or via electronic devices. From email and social media, to websites and search engines, all such digital platforms and routes can be used to reach out to a business’ customer base.

Digital marketing is quickly becoming the most effective way for people to get to know a company and engage with the products or services they offer. This is mostly due to changing habits, but also thanks to the incredible variety of digital channels available. These include:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing (audio, visual and written)
  • Website marketing
  • Sponsored posts

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Start-ups?

With services like Uber and self-driving cars quickly growing in popularity, few are those who still take the time to look at billboards when they could be checking their socials and answering emails on their way to work. Still, the cost of a well-placed billboard can quickly reach into the thousands, whilst you can open up a Facebook account today for free.

Whereas traditional forms of marketing often seem unattainable to start-ups working with limited budgets and a scarce clientele, digital marketing offers a much more accessible opportunity for you to grow your brand and form long-lasting connections with your customers.

Here are 4 reasons why digital marketing is important for start-ups and how they can help you pave your way to a loyal customer base.

1.    Continual and personalized engagement

Digital marketing, and social media marketing most significantly, offer the opportunity to reach out directly to your target audience and engage them with your vision. The dynamic and personal nature of social media marketing allows a business to follow up on their audience and respond to their engagement in real time. People aren’t just walking past that same poster on their way to work, they are given updates and more insight into the company itself as each day progresses.

The reciprocity of engagement invoked by digital marketing is what makes its connection to potential customers that much more effective and long-lasting.

2.    A unified strategy

Making consumers reach for your brand instead of that of your competitor is about selling them a vision which appeals to them.

Digital marketing has numerous platforms and channels from which businesses can get in touch with their customer base. From emails and mobile phone marketing, to content curation and social media campaigns, a strong digital marketing strategy will come at it from multiple angles working towards a shared goal. The overlaps and interconnectivity between these different channels are what makes it so much more cohesive and effective.

3.    Understanding and tracking customer engagement

Whether it is tracking views, monitoring website traffic or analysing customer responses, digital marketing provides businesses with valuable data and statistics to help them better understand their customers. As a start-up, it is important to take the time to perfect your brand and judge the preferences of your target audience according to their interaction with your digital marketing strategy.

It is a straightforward way to better optimise both your business and customer experience in response to these analytics by giving you an easily quantifiable measure of the success of your strategy. Keeping track of your rate of online conversions alongside your website traffic is invaluable to tracking your growth and identifying any areas which may be holding it back.

4.    Cost and time effective

No matter the size of your business, seeking the most cost and time effective strategy is crucial. Luckily, there is no need to inject thousands into TV ads or other forms of traditional marketing, a Facebook account can be opened free of charge after all.

When it comes to data tracking, the information compiled about your customer responses and preferences can help you identify your target audience and demographic that much more quickly, saving you that much more money in the process.

Similarly, if you notice your online conversions dropping off, adjustments to your strategy can be made within the hour instead of wasting money on a month-long contract for a failed billboard advertisement.

Digital marketing is dynamic, relevant and personalized - qualities which are increasingly driving traditional marketing out of business. After all it is hard to doubt of the importance of digital marketing when most people would rather catch a flat tire on their way to work than forget their phones at home.

Need help with your Digital Marketing strategy?

Even though the marketplace might seem like a war zone to start ups’ limited budgets and resources, there is a way to navigate its potholes and barricades.

If you are still unsure as to whether you should sign up on Instagram or Twitter, post videos or messages, publish in the morning or afternoon, you may consider hiring external help advise you on the best course of action. A Virtual Assistant can help you plan out the best strategy for your business to start reaching out to your future customers. These are the main four reasons why digital marketing is important for start-ups but there are always more ways in which businesses can benefit from a strong digital marketing strategy - Multi Tasked VA can help you get started with the right digital marketing strategy.