5 Tasks You Should Delegate Today

If time after time you find yourself leaving those same tasks undone at the end of your to-do list or otherwise lose out on half the day to get just one of them ticked off, it might be time for you to delegate them to someone else.

You might hate doing something or simply aren’t that great at it, either way, everyone has at least one task they wish they did not have to schedule into their busy day. Luckily, there is always an experienced and knowledgeable Virtual Assistant somewhere who would be happy to dedicate their time to helping you with such tasks.

Start boosting your productivity today by delegating these 5 tasks:

1.    Scheduling and organisation

Appointments clash, calls need rescheduling and before you know it you have to be in three different places at the same time. After all, it is hard being productive if you are forgetting meetings and then running after the clock to still get there on time.

When your schedule is already packed to the brim, but appointments still keep piling up, it might be time to delegate your scheduling and organisation to an experienced Virtual Assistant. Having someone to overlook and manage your weekly diary is invaluable to the organisation of any individual or business, as small or big as the latter might be. Just a quick share of your calendar with your Virtual Assistant is enough to ensure that you will never again be late to a conference or to pick up your kids from school.

Start saving up on your valuable time by delegating your scheduling and organisation to a Multi Tasked VA by hiring some Admin Assistance for your business or a Personal Services VA for your day-to-day organisation.

2.    Research 

Do you want to know all about that new start-up tech company? Are you still unsure about which software to download on your server? Today, there is scarcely any need to look further than your web browser to find the answers to all these questions.

Whether you are still drawing out the plan to your exciting new business idea or have already got a full office up and running, research is key to every stage of your business. Although you no longer need to waste time scouring bookshelves to learn about the best heating options for your office, navigating through the millions of internet search results is no quick task.

It can take hours to filter out the reliable sources and extract the key information from pages upon pages of text. A Virtual Assistant knows exactly which keywords to use and which sites to consult for the most efficient and thorough research into a particular topic. They are then able to deliver the most crucial information in the format of your choice, synthesised for quick understanding and immediate use.

If you are still unsure about certain areas of the market or still hung up on which broadband company to choose, get in touch with Multi Tasked to hire a Research VA to get the task done.

3.    Bookings and appointments

Which flight to book? Is the scheduled arrival convenient? Is it the cheapest route on offer?

A Virtual Assistant can take care of all your bookings and reservations to make sure that your upcoming holiday or weekend outing happens as smoothly as possible. Pick your next destination and forget all about the hassle of getting there.

4.    Managing social media accounts

From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and LinkedIn, it can be hard to keep track of all your social media accounts when new sites seem to pop up every year. Still, whether you are running a business or have a loyal following to entertain, social media is the place to be if you are hoping to promote both your professional and personal brand.

A direct pathway for communication as much as a key marketing strategy, social media accounts make up the face of your online presence and need to be maintained accordingly with regular updates. With your instructions and approval, a Social Media and Marketing Assistance VA can help manage your social media accounts and grow your online reputation.

5.    Web design and maintenance

You have your product fully designed or your blog plan all set out, both are ready to be shared with the rest of the world. You have your innovative idea, all that is missing is a worthy platform to shared it on.

Whether you are selling products or sharing posts, designing an accessible website is essential to attracting visitors, whereas fixing broken links is crucial to keeping them coming back for more. Delegating such work to a Web Development VA ensures that you have time to focus on what matters most by making sure that your content is highlighted for all its best qualities.

Knowing how to delegate tasks effectively helps you optimise your time and will bring you closer towards achieving the goals you have set out, be they for the day, week or even the entire year. Still, letting go of some control and entrusting a task to someone else, no matter how small, can be a daunting prospect for even the wisest of business owners. Luckily, Virtual Assistants have experience in respecting and acting upon their clients wishes and preferences. No matter the task, a Virtual Assistant is dedicated to meeting both your deadline and your expectations.