Give your website a new look for 2021: 7 ways to get started

Do you want to start the year off the right way?

Give your website a new look with these 7 different tips to help boost your website traffic for the new year.

1-     Review your website navigation

Your content is made to be seen and your website is the platform that should allow it to do so. An accessible and intuitive navigation is therefore key to guiding a reader’s through your content and inciting them to spend time on your website.

Whether it is to attract new customers or keep existing ones, a website’s user experience is one which can always be improved and better tailored to the type of reader you wish to attract. Keeping a design that is consistent with your branding and is so throughout the platform is a great way to make your website more welcoming and memorable, whether it is with a matching colour theme or high-quality graphics.

Your navigation bars and leads should all be clearly visible and denoted by the relevant keywords. You should essentially aim to minimise the number of clicks between a user’s position and their target destination on your website. So, if you have been adding new sections and pages onto your website, now is the time to review your website’s navigation to make sure that these are accessible via the right bars and pathways.

2-    Don’t snooze your software updates

Even though you might delay your phone updates again and again, falling behind on your website updates might cost you more than just missing out on a new app.

Regularly updating your software to the latest version will improve your website’s SEO, security and overall first impression in just a handful of clicks.

3-     Fix your broken links

Broken links can be a website owner’s worst nightmare as they will essentially kick back any visitor who lands on your site. Apart from essentially sending new visitors into a dead end, broken links can also send your SEO down the gutter and impact your website’s performance if they are left as such.

Luckily, fixing broken links is a quick fix once they have been identified. If you have not had the time to check your links recently, this is your reminder to do so.

4-     Keep your ‘calls to action’ up to date

Do you want people to “buy now” or “sign up”?

Maybe you are selling a product or perhaps you are writing newsletter articles, either way, there is principal reason why you have set up your website in the first place: for visitors to interact with your content.

Whilst website views are always a valuable commodity to accumulate, website clicks are even more precious. It scarcely matters whether your intentions haven’t changed in years or you have just launched a new product line, calls to action should be updated every once in a while, to make sure that they stay up to date with both the content you have to offer and what potential visitors will be looking for.

You should make your website visitors’ lives as simple as possible whenever you can and that often starts with clear calls-to-action.

5-     Switch up your visuals 

Switching up the images on your website is one of the easiest ways to give your page a fresh new look. You don’t even need to alter the layout; new visuals are able to catch visitors’ attention all on their own.

Nevertheless, you should always look for pictures or graphics of high-quality which complement your brand message and content instead of distracting from it.
If you are using stock images across your website, these are a practical place to start from but you should try to update them with your own pictures whenever possible.

6-     Give your website speed a boost

If visitors have to double check their routers to try and speed up your website, chances are that they will click away before the next page loads.

There are a number of online tools available free of charge which can report back on your website’s performance; there is really no excuse not to check up on your website speed!

7-     Don’t forget to share your socials

Have you just created a new Twitter account for your business or set up a new even on Facebook?

Social media marketing is all about reaching out to more potential visitors and clients, who can themselves reach out to more people and interest them in your content. Your website should facilitate this collaboration by providing links for sharing your website and its content.
With new social media platforms turning up left and right, it is important that your website stays up to date with its sharing options by regularly checking that even your latest accounts have the appropriate channels set up.

Don’t wait to update your website any longer

Giving your website a new look does not have to mean changing your entire content or strategy, sometimes all you need to do is polish your design and dust off your links. Consistency is key when it comes to updating your current content to grow your reach to new customers, all whilst staying relevant to existing ones.

There’s no better time than the start of a year to clear out the Christmas decorations and sweep out outdated content to give your website a new look for 2021.

If you need some help getting started on updating your website, Multi Tasked VA offers a range of services to boost your website look for the new year. From web design and content creation, to software updates and website servicing, Virtual Assistants are here to collaborate with your business and its goals. Get in touch today to start 2021 right