Hiring a VA: Which tasks should you delegate?

Do you feel like you are constantly running out of time to do all the things you have set out to complete? 

Sometimes there is just too much to do for a single person to manage all on their own. Luckily, there is no need to sacrifice neither your goals nor the quality of your work – ask for some help instead. Virtual Assistants are experts at the services they offer and will help take some pressure off your shoulders.


So, you need some extra assistance, how do you get the help you need? The first question you should ask yourself when hiring a Virtual Assistant is: Which tasks should you delegate?

Here are some of the best tasks you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant to help you start freeing up some time.

Top 6 tasks you should delegate to your VA:

1.    Calendar

Whilst good scheduling practices won’t grant you extensions on your deadlines or get your project completed more quickly, it certainly does make it easier for one to stay on track, no matter how busy their day may get. Your VA can help structure and manage your calendar to avoid missed meetings or clashing appointments. Shared calendars can also be used to help you track your projects and stay on schedule as new updates and developments are added from one week to the next.  

2.    Email

Whilst a short email response may scarcely take up more than a few minutes, time quickly starts flying when your inbox is overflowing with hundreds or more. Whether it is filtering out the more urgent and important emails or taking care of routine responses, your VA can help you fend off your spam and seize back control over your inbox.

3.    Research

Surfing the web for hours to find content for your next presentation or background for your next project proposal is no quick task. A VA can help you save precious time by compiling research on a particular topic into accessible and useful chunks of information. From in depth competitor research to the latest market developments, research key is to any business hoping to appreciate the industry they are operating in.

4.    Finance Management

Don’t wait for a stack of unclassified receipts to accumulate in your accounts, a VA can help classify your expenses into concise document reports.

Even small businesses which are just starting off will know how painstakingly repetitive and yet important invoicing can be. Asking your VA to keep track of your invoices as they need to be sent out or filed away is a great way to optimise your efficiency.

5.    Online Marketing

Whilst admin work is notorious for being handed over to Virtual Assistants the quickest, marketing follows closely for the shear breadth of its field. Online marketing reaches to all corners of the web, be it email, social media or internet marketing.

Luckily, VAs make such marketing work a great task to delegate if you are keen to grow your business and its presence online. No matter the type of content you are hoping to advertise, online marketing is a powerful tool to help driver consumer engagement. This can be as straightforward as responding to client comments or as tedious as managing ads, either way it requires a time dedication and expertise which a Virtual Assistant can provide to help you.

6.    Creative work and design

From logo designs to product listings, Virtual Assistants are great at dealing with creative tasks. Whether it is touching up the final details of a presentation or contributing a new perspective on your web design, VAs can combine their knowledge and expertise with their understanding of your ideas to create something truly worthy of your goals.

Don’t wait to start to delegate

If you find yourself worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list before even finishing today’s, then it might be time for you to hire a Virtual Assistant. Even though giving up tasks to someone other than yourself is not an easy feat for all, the payback is certainly worth it.

Start delegating these 6 tasks to your VA and saving up your time today with Multi Tasked VA. VAs are experts at what they do and will get through the tasks more quickly and efficiently to get you to enjoy that extra time you both need and deserve.