How to be more productive: 6 habits to adopt

Home office work and extra hours on weekends are becoming increasingly more popular, but productivity levels may not always be following up on the same trend. Running after the clock has become a habit and half-done to-do lists a growing trend.

Yet since we are still always stuck with those same 24 hours every day, the one thing we can improve is our use of time and the efficiency of our work. Here are our top tips on how to boost your productivity levels throughout the week and start optimising your precious time.

1-    Plan things out

It might seem like the oldest trick in the book, but it is so for a very good reason: planning is key to achieving your goals. Whether you are running a business, have household chores to complete or a project deadline to meet, to-do lists are the backbone of any productive day.

Setting a structure to the sea of tasks that need completing will help set things into perspective and get you prioritising the things which matter most. Just a handful of minutes spent planning out your day, either the night before or first thing in the morning, will ensure that you know exactly what needs accomplishing the second you sit down at your desk.

Instead of wasting half an hour trying to figure out what to get started on, you can immediately get down to business. Knowing how to use those high energy and caffeine fuelled mornings is crucial to setting a productive mindset for the remains of the day.

2-    Define your priorities

Choose your first task and stick to it. Even though you might have the ambition to tick off every element on your to-do list, it is also perfectly acceptable to leave some boxes unticked every now and then. You will find yourself feeling much more productive by finishing those priorities at the top of your list instead of trying to tackle all of them at the same time and leaving half of them unfinished.

3-    Optimise your time

On route for your weekly grocery shop? Commuting to work? Sorting out tonight’s dinner? This time away from your desk can quickly amount to hours over the course of a full month or year. This unused time is a precious resource which is often overlooked or used in idle ways. These handful of minutes here and there can easily accommodate a podcast episode or interesting article from which you can learn something new.

This also applies to your professional life. One often feels like the more meetings or events one attends, the more productive they are being. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and knowing how to say no to those less important invitations, be they from colleagues, friends or family, is a crucial first step to valuing your time correctly.

4-    Exploit technology to your advantage

Manually transposing your excel lists or calendar meetings is both time consuming and outdated. With hundreds of productivity boosting technologies and apps on offer, it has never been easier to simplify many of the day to day tasks you are trying to complete. Just a few clicks online can help you identify the tool to best help you out.

The use technology also goes both ways. If your notifications are becoming a distraction, switch them off for as long as you need to get a particular task done.

5-    Keep things tidy

A clear desk is a clear mind. Even if a tidy space does not in itself get your tasks done, it does provide you with a clean slate to start the day on and help you stay organised. If anything, it will be one less thing on your list and will save some precious minutes otherwise spent looking around for your pen or a misplaced document.  

6-    Hire a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes there really are not enough hours in day for all tasks to be completed, no matter how quick or urgent they may be. Luckily, Virtual Assistants are here to help you better optimise your time and get things done more efficiently. Delegation is key to productivity. A Virtual Assistant works on your schedule and instructions to take care of any day to day tasks or specific assignments that need completing.

Hire your Multi Tasked VA today to help you manage your time more effectively and start focusing on those goals most important to you.