How to Master Social Media Marketing

When one thinks of social media, they think of pictures and texts. Of course, there is a lot of that, but there are also many more hidden workings going on behind an Instagram photo or YouTube video.

From target demographics and curated posts to performance analytics, social media marketing is not as straightforward as it might first appear. The path which leads to one’s goals will be different for every business and it all boils down to the right marketing strategy.

Maybe you are an avid Facebook user, or maybe you still think that tweets are nothing more than bird noises, either way, it is never too late to master social media marketing with these top tips.


Set out your goals

What do you want social media marketing to do for you?

Are you hoping to narrow down on your target audience? Wishing to monetize your social media presence better? Or do you simply want to increase your brand exposure?

Your answers to these questions are key to approaching your social media marketing strategy. The right game plan for one business is not necessarily the one best fitted to yours. You should be setting goals appropriate to your brand and its development stage.

Social media marketing is certainly the most cost-effective marketing strategy, and in most cases, you may even get off without having to pay a cent. This flexibility is precious, as your exposure grows, your goals will change and as should your marketing tactic.


Identify and research your target audience

Although it may seem like nowadays everyone uses Facebook or Twitter, social media marketing is more than just opening an Instagram account and uploading a few posts.
Just a quick look into the most popular platforms will teach you that Instagram users are just as different from LinkedIn users as they are from Pinterest users.

Luckily, there are ample resources available to help you navigate these various demographic variations and determine where exactly your target audience fits in.

Be consistent in growing your following

Once you have narrowed down on your target audience, your next goal should be to build a strong following within that designated demographic. Try searching for similar brands and relevant hashtags to start building links between your account and the people likely to be interested in your brand.

Although this is often the longest step, staying consistent is key to building up a steady following. Even if you are not gaining new followers every day, you should still aim to post regularly in order to boost your engagement levels with your existing followers.

Social media is an extremely dynamic space, so it is worthwhile keeping up with recent news and trends relevant to your business in order to maximise your chances of railing in new followers.


Pick your metrics and track your analytics

Although it would be very hard to accurately monitor the number of people who have looked at a particular billboard on any given day, analytics make it incredibly easy to keep track of your social media performance.

As a matter of fact, these metrics are so important that social media platforms often build their entire concept around them. Be it the number of likes, clicks or views, such measures of engagement should be used by every business to inform and adjust their social media marketing strategy.

Indeed, such data goes much deeper than just the number of comments under a certain post. Metrics may include your hashtag performance, the level of interaction associated with your account or even your post reach. Translating these numbers into contextualised feedback and comparing them alongside your goals is the best way to track your progress and identify the next steps you should be taking. 


Create relevant and engaging content

You have got your chosen platform, have identified your target audience, now all you need to do is create original and engaging content.

If you are hoping to post on a consistent basis as advised, you should think about drawing out a plan for your scheduled posts and developing a set theme. This will help you keep your posts engaging by not only allowing you to diversify your content but also solidify your brand image.


Get help with your social media marketing strategy

A great entrepreneur knows when it is time to hire some external help.

If you are struggling with managing your socials on a regular basis or feel unsure on how to set things up, you should consider hiring a social media marketing specialist to assist you with your strategy and execution.

Be it for long term management or just as a one-time consultation, a Virtual Assistant can help your business build up a following and bring in new customers.

No one will blame you for not having had time to update your LinkedIn profile or plan out your next Instagram when you are busy running your business. Multi Tasked VA is here to help take some of that weight off your shoulders by managing your accounts or by offering expert advice that is tailored to both your vision and your brand’s needs. Get in touch today and schedule a consultation to set your business on route to mastering social media marketing.