Why every small business needs a website in 2020?

How many websites have you used today?

Maybe you were searching for the closest bookshop? Looking up the name of that one coffeeshop around the corner? Or maybe you read up on a new recipe you have been wanting to try out?

Either way, your day’s entertainment, energy boost and dinner are just three websites away. So, you might be wondering…

Why does your business need a website?

With billions of people scrolling through the internet every day and almost as many websites to match, the world wide web is still growing and not looking to slow down any time soon. In addition to that, 2020 is the year of zoom calls and work from home, so, if you are still using a landline phone or handing out flyers now is truly the time to make the switch.


A website is your business’ chance to make its own mark in the digital space and secure the numerous benefits which come with a well-established online presence. From brand promotion and exposure, to data collection and marketing, give your company the means it needs to set itself apart from its competitors.

Here are six reasons why your small business needs a website in 2020.


  • Help customers learn more about your business and boost your brand exposure

Although your website should look pretty, it should still be more than colourful pictures and italic text. Your website should act as a gallery to showcase the products or services you are offering.

This is your opportunity to present your brand and share your enthusiasm for your business to turn visitors into customers. Whether you are operating on or offline, people are increasingly turning to Google to research a product or service, be they walking in the street or sitting on the couch at home.


A glimpse at a landing page is all that is needed for most people to decide whether a product or service matches their needs and expectations. Your website is therefore also your opportunity to draw in the right client for your business. This is where smaller businesses can really benefit from eye catching visuals and accessible bits of information as these are the first to filter out potential customers from passing visitors.

As a small business, your brand has yet to become a household name, which means that it is twice as important to clearly lay out the reasons why a particular customer should choose your business over another one.

Luckily, there is no need to pay crazy rent for a spot on a high street for your business to be accessible to millions. A well-designed website can be built up and maintained for a fraction of the cost and make a good first impression worth millions more.


  • Establish a professional and credible image

Although kids might tell you that social media is all the hype now, studies have shown that consumers find those businesses with a website more credible than those restricted to social media accounts.

What does it mean for a business to be credible?

This is a key aspect of marketing your business effectively. You might have the facts to back up the quality of your product or service, now the challenge is to translate those numbers and communicate those figures to your customer.

Visitors need to be able to trust a company before spending any of their hard money on them. One of the most effective ways of building up your brand’s professionalism is a well-designed website which establishes a trustworthy point of contact between your business and the potential consumer.  

  • Build your brand online

It is by increasing your credibility that you will attract more visitors and start growing your brand. A website acts as a channel through which people can share your brand with others and gradually help establish your business within its target community.

A website offers you great flexibility in both the type of content and choice of media you use to share your content. This lets you edit and update the information on your website whenever you wish to, giving your business the chance to connect with your customers on an additional level by sharing with them your latest news.


  • Keep your business competitive

When it comes to marketing your business, a website is more than a platform, it is a strategy. Designing and optimising your website to beat search engine rankings is key to keeping up with the competition.

People will most often click on the first two results, have a look at the third and barely glance at the fourth. Without a website, you are not even given the chance to compete with other businesses for customers.

SEO can help you curate your website to the set of keywords relevant to your brand, product and location.


  • Make it easier for people to find your business

Even if your business is mainly operating instore, a website can help people find your business more easily. This is especially helpful for small business who have yet to establish their presence within the local region.

By linking and integrating your website on other platforms like Google Maps, you are able to directly target your local clientele as well as passers-by.


  • Collect data and feedback

A website also offers a great opportunity for your business to collect additional data on your customers.

On the one hand, you are able to survey things like website traffic and click-through rate which can give a quantitative measure of how well your product fits into the market or how effective your new marketing strategy is.

Conversely, your website can also act as a direct contact channel with visitors and clients. Subscription newsletters or inbuilt surveys let you collect valuable customer feedback and data which you simply wouldn’t be able to obtain without a website. Whether it be email addresses for follow up email marketing or consumer preferences to inform potential revisions, these can all be used to help small businesses find the best strategy for growth.

How do I start building a website for my business?

Whether you have been putting off building a website for your company or have just been convinced to get one, creating a good website can be a challenge.

When you are already busy running between meetings and waking up to a full inbox every day, finding time to design a worthy website for your business might seem like an impossible task.

Luckily, Virtual Assistants are here to help. Multi Tasked VA is the UK-based professional assistant you need to help you construct the perfect website to match your business and your vision. Whether your web design needs some polishing, or you need help right from the start with setting up a secure domain, a Virtual Assistant will assist you in getting your brand online.

Find out more on how a Web Development VA can help small businesses with their website.