Administrative Assistance

Writing up a quick email might not seem like much but when your inbox starts to overflow with hundreds of different messages, each on a different topic and from a different contact, even logging into your email becomes a daunting task. Still the risk remains; loosing that one crucial email to the swarm of weekly messages you receive can easily amount to a lost opportunity or missed client.

The fine print of your to do list is easily belittled by exciting new projects and important meetings, but they are still boxes which need to be ticked off at the end of the day, and the next, and the one after that.

Why is Administrative Assistance important?

Receiving those first emails, blog comments or product orders are the leading signs of a successfully launched business. They are eagerly awaited and readily received, but as their volumes start to grow, they can start to feel like a burden on your busy schedule.

Whether you are just starting off, have already grown a loyal customer base or by now have been running your business for quite some time, there is no escaping those administrative tasks which underly all scales of businesses.

Day to day business management also does not differentiate between high street stores or web designers. Be it product or service based, online or offline - events still need planning and clients following-up. Luckily, getting your appointments in order and your PowerPoint presentations lined up are tasks which can easily be managed by a virtual assistant.

How can your Virtual Assistant (VA) help you?

Is your to-do list spilling over the page but your calendar is still bare? Have you just secured an urgent business trip but still haven’t gotten around to booking all your fights and accommodation? Or still, are you always running around looking for a pen that still works? From calendar maintenance to making travel arrangements or even ordering supplies, your Virtual Assistant (VA) will make sure that such background tasks get the attention they deserve and you the extra time, you yourself deserve.

You have already invested hours to get your business to where it is today, the difficult part is over and now it is all about keeping the rust off of those foundations you worked so tirelessly to build up. Instead of always scraping to prepare forms on time or to manage all comments before your next post, Administrative Virtual Assistant (VA) lets you focus on the more critical tasks of the day.

After all, there are only 24 hours in a day and growing a business is scarcely done in just a few minutes. A Virtual Assistant can help you optimise your time more efficiently by maintaining the backbone of your business and keeping its foundations sturdy for developments to come.

Your Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you with a number of Business Administrative tasks:

●     Customer service via email
●     Monitoring and responding to emails
●     Organising email inboxes
●     Calendar maintenance
●     Data entry
●     Creating PowerPoint presentations
●     Ordering supplies
●     Project management
●     Event planning and management
●     Organising cloud files
●     Organising G-Drive files
●     Following up with leads or clients
●     Guest post-screening
●     Making travel arrangements
●     Form preparation
●     Packaging and shipping products and gifts

Or Social Media Management:

●     Managing blog comments
●     Managing social media comments
●     Monitoring YouTube content
●     Uploading YouTube videos
●     Managing online communities
●     Helping launch eBooks or programs
●     Optimising blog posts with images, linking to other blog posts, and adding CTAs (Call to Actions)
●     Re-purposing content (Example: turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)

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