Personal Services

Do you see yourself constantly running after the clock, cursing after the sparse hours of the day? It might be time for you to hire a Personal Virtual Assistant to sort out all those things which are eating away at your precious time.

How can a Personal Virtual Assistant help you?

Is your unpaid electricity bill keeping you up at night? Is your inbox always desperately full of junk mail? Or have you still not gotten around to booking the hotel for your upcoming holiday?

Even the smallest of tasks can become a burden to one’s busy schedule. Trying to balance private and professional life effectively is already a challenge before all the monthly household duties are added onto it. From household bills and doctor appointments to sourcing furniture and travel bookings, a Personal Virtual Assistant can help you tackle any day’s task that needs completing. 

It is time for you to reclaim your well-deserved free time and hire a Virtual Assistant to take care of all those unticked boxes lingering in your to-do list. Personal Virtual Assistants give you the opportunity to redefine your daily goals into ones which truly matter to you, your work and your family. Stop running after lost time and start doing what you love.

Your Personal Services Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you with a number of tasks:

●       Holiday/travel research, holiday activities research and booking
●       Emails, telephone calls and diary management
●       Setting up and running your home office
●       Sourcing furniture, household products, etc
●       Sorting out car MOT's
●       Sorting out household bills
●       Utilities comparison research 

How does your collaboration with a Personal Service VA work?

Your collaboration with a Virtual Assistant begins by getting in touch with Multi Tasked via a phone call or email. You may even arrange a meeting in person if you happen to be based in London. Either way, this initial point of contact will be used to discuss your needs and expectations on how you wish to proceed.

If you already have a clear set of tasks in mind, your Virtual Assistant can help you set out a timeline to work on; if you are still looking for strategy to help you organise your life more efficiently, you and your Virtual Assistant can identify the key targets you wish to achieve.

Once you have set out your goals and agreed on a suitable strategy, your Virtual Assistant will get started on the task at hand and check in with you if anything needs clarification. Communication is key along every step of your collaboration to ensure that you are both on the same page: from the initial timeline and costs, all the way to the completion of the project.

One should keep in mind that all projects and goals will be different from each other and therefore each require their own unique strategy. You may set out your preferences and schedule from the start and it will be your Virtual Assistant’s job to suggest the most effective way to proceed. No matter what, your Personal Virtual Assistant is here to facilitate the collaboration process and make arrangements which work best for both of you.

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