Social Media and Marketing assistance

Today, the market no longer differentiates between brick and mortar or online businesses. Whether your brand is signposted on a street corner or circulated across website banners, outplaying your competitors and accumulating a loyal customer base is now very much synonym to nurturing a strong online presence. This is where digital marketing comes in.


Why is Digital Marketing important?


From social media and content marketing, to product promotions and advertisements – it all starts with the right strategy. Tailoring your online presence and output both to your own budget and aspirations, as well as to potential future customers. It is all about exploiting the online marketing opportunities available to you and building your brand on these foundations to make sure that your virtual first impression is as good as it can be.


Digital marketing, and social media marketing in particular, is much more than just writing a couple of tweets and sending a handful of Facebook messages, but it can also take much more time to do right. When you are already busy finding ways to drive your business forwards, the last thing you would want is to lose your precious time on setting up accounts and responding to messages.


As more and more social media sites are popping up left and right, another couple of millions of eager users are accumulated on each of these sites, ready to consume the quality content that is served to them. Where each offers the opportunity to connect with thousands more potential customers, they may also seem like just one more hassle to have to figure out and set up. Luckily, your Virtual Assistant knows the right marketing strategy to best suit your needs and time requirements.


Do not miss out on future clients, get your Virtual Assistant to help.

How can your VA help you?


A Virtual Assistant can take care of your social media presence over all these platforms: signing up, creating posts and managing your accounts. 


Whether you have already posted a couple of promoted pins on your Pinterest or still haven’t gone about setting up your LinkedIn page, we can help tailor your content to reach your target audience. From personalised social media graphics and curated groups to social media polls, this is your chance to grow your online presence by attracting loyal followers and increasing traffic to your website and its contents.


Your Digital Marketing VA can help you with a number of tasks:


Be it Social Media Marketing…


●     Scheduling social media updates

●     Designing social media graphics

●     Creating and managing Pinterest accounts

●     Creating and managing Promoted Pins

●     Creating and managing Facebook accounts

●     Managing Facebook groups

●     Setting up and managing LinkedIn accounts

●     Setting up and managing LinkedIn groups

●     Creating social media polls

●     Responding to social media messages  

●     Creating and managing Instagram posts


Or improving your Marketing Strategy:


●     Pitching brands

●     Setting up sales funnels

●     Lead generation

●     Marketing strategy

●     Blog post promotion

●     eBook, course, and membership promotion

●     Ad management

●     Promoting live events

●     Product launches


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