Web Development (Tech)

Today, getting your product, service and content across means conquering the enigmatic world of search engines. Luckily, there is one easy and effective way to get your intentions across: a slick and accessible website.


Indeed, your website is one of the first points of contact between you and your client base. It is also the one place where potential future clients can become familiar with your business and its intentions.


Why is Web Development important?


Not all websites are created equal. A website’s success with both search engines and potential visitors heavily depends on how accessible and well-maintained it is. First, this means understanding which criteria each of them is basing themselves on when either ranking their search results or choosing to click on a website. Then, it is knowing how to tailor your web development for optimal results.


Although websites should be straightforward to navigate, the work that goes into creating this seamless finish can take a substantial amount of time just to get up and running, and even more so to maintain such high standards on a consistent basis.


Do not let your website slip below the radar of search engines, get your VA to help you conquer the top of Google’s search results.

How can your VA help you?


When it comes to promoting your business online, no tailored suit or stylish interior decor can do much in impressing potential visitors. What will catch their eye, however, is a neatly designed and up to date website built to reflect your brand as faithfully as you would yourself.


A Web Development VA can help you build your website up with slick designs and an organised structure, as well as helping you navigate search bars with effective SEO and regular updates. A reliable website is the precious backing you need to boost your brand exposure and give your content the attention it deserves.


From engaging website design and SEO, to troubleshooting and blog post formatting, we can help you set up your website from scratch to get you started on accumulating clicks in record time. If you already have a website up but traffic is still scarce, we can help you optimise it even further by creating analytics reports, fixing broken links and maintaining it with regular updates.


For now, you may keep away from the iron and elegant wallpaper - an appealing theme and organised web pages will speak volumes on your competence and is all you need to turn first time visitors into loyal clients. Your VA is here to make sure that no visitor will be reaching for your website’s back button any time soon.


Your Web Development VA can help you with a number of tasks:


●     Formatting blog posts

●     Updating websites and plugins

●     Setting up your website security and backups

●     Optimising your website for SEO

●     Podcast editing

●     Webinar setup

●     Analytics reporting (Google Analytics, email, social media, etc)

●     Setting up goals in Google Analytics

●     Setting up or migrating email lists to a new email service provider

●     Setting up secure websites (https)

●     Database creation and management

●     Shopping cart installation/maintenance

●     Podcast submission

●     Web design/maintenance (drupal, wordpress and joomla)

●     Creating surveys and online forms

●     Troubleshooting and IT support

●     Creating landing pages and squeeze pages

●     File conversions

●     Setting up spreadsheets

●     Tracking and fixing broken links

●     Ad management

●     Formatting ebooks

●     Creating online quizzes


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